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Substance use disorders Quiz - 3

Substance use disorders Quiz - 3

1. The drug of choice in the management of alcohol withdrawal is

A. Barbiturates

B. Benzodiazepines

C. Disulfiram

D. Acamprosate

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2. Which of the following is the most dependence-producing derivative of opium?

A. Meperidine

B. Diphenoxylate

C. Methadone

D. Heroin

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3. Common street name of cocaine is

A. Smack

B. Brown sugar

C. Crack

D. Angel dust

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4. Which of the following is known to cause disulfiram-ethanol like reaction?

A. Propranolol

B. Haloperidol

C. Ciprofloxacin

D. Metronidazole

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5. Which of the following is NOT a cannabis preparation?

A. Smack

B. Charas

C. Ganja

D. Hashish

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1. B
2. D
3. C
5. A
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