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Psychiatric Nursing Quiz

Substance Abuse Quiz-2
June 3, 2019pdated on June 3, 2019

1. Heroin is a form of: www. currentnursing.com

A. Tobacco

B. Poppy

C. Datura

D. Cannabis

Answer Key

2. LSD is taken from


B. Lichen

C. Alga

D. Bacterium

Answer Key

3. An opiate narcotic is

A. Bhang

B. Charas

C. Heroin www. currentnursing.com

D. Nicotine

Answer Key

4. Which of the following drug functions as a CNS depressant?

A. Amphetamine

B. Caffeine

C. Opium

D. Cocaine

Answer Key

5. Which of the following is a hallucinogen?


B. Heroin

C. Cocaine

D. Morphine

Answer Key

6. Slow respiration, slow pulse, and consrtiction of pupil occures due to drug addiction of

A. Morphine and opium

B. Cocaine and heroin

C. Alcohol and thalidomide

D. Nicotine and caffeine

Answer Key

7. Stimulant cocaine is obtained from

A. Rauwolfia

B. Erythroxylon

C. Papaver

D. Eucalyptus

Answer Key

8. Hashish and Ganja are obtained from

A. Erythroxylon

B. Papaver www. currentnursing.com

C. Cannabis

D. Theobroma

Answer Key

9. Synthetic drugs structurally related to adrenaline are

A. Amphetamines

B. Barbiturates

C. Hallucinogens

D. Analgesics

Answer Key

10. Brown sugar is

A. Diacetyl morphine hydrochloride

B. Theophylline

C. Lorazepam

D. Metherdine

Answer Key

11. Diacetyl morphine is

A. Morphine

B. Heroin

C. Cocaine

D. Hashish

Answer Key

12. Which of the following is a matching pair?

A. LSD-narcotic www. currentnursing.com

B. Heroin-psychotropic

C. Amphetamine-stimulant

D. Benzodiazepenes-analgesics

Answer Key

13. Which one is correct statement about psychotropic drug?

A. Morphine leads to delusions and disturbed emotions

B. Barbiturates cause relaxation and temporary euphoria

C. Opium stimulates nervous system and causes hallucinations

D. Hashish causes after-thought perceptions and hallucinations

Answer Key

14. Which of the following drug has the highest potential for physical dependence?

A. Opiods

B. Cannabis

C. Cocaine

D. LSD www. currentnursing.com


Answer Key

15. The CAGE questionnaire consists of

A. 10 questions

B. 14 questions

C. 4 questions

D. 20 questions

Answer Key



1. B
2. A
3. C
4. c
5. A
6. A
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. D
11. B
12. C
13. D
14. A
15. C


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  2. Bhatti K. Dinesh Companion to Biology. S. Dinesh & Co. New Delhi, 2009.
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