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psychotherapy quiz- 1

Psychotherapy Quiz - 1

1. Systematic desensitization consist of following steps, except:

A. Relaxation training

B. Hierarchy construction

C. Desensitization of stimulus

D. Resolving unconscious conflicts

2. The patient should try and say everything that comes into his mind without self-control or censure, is a fundamental rule in

A. Interpersonal psychotherapy

B. Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy

C. Long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy

D. Acceptance and commitment therapy

Answer Key

3. Who is considered as father of group therapy?

A. Joseph Wolpe

B. Aron Bech

C. SIgmond Freud

D. Joseph Pratt

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4. Who is NOT related to group therapy?

A. Kurt Lewin

B. Yalom

C. H.S Sullivan

D. Juan

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5. An effective therapy for sexual dysfunction was developed by

A. Masters & Johnson

B. Alfred Adler

C. Kurt Lewin

D. Aron Beck

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6. Who is NOT related to behaviour therapy?

A. Joseph Wolpe

B. Watson

C. Ivan Pavlov

D. Melanie Klein

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7. Which of the following therapy is based on learning theory?

A. Logotherapy

B. Psychoanalysis

C. Behaviour therapy

D. Interpersonal therapy

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8. Which of the following is considered to be most effective and treatment of choice for phobic disorders?

A. Behaviour therapy

B. Interpersonal psychotherapy

C. Family therapy

D. Psychoanalysis

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9. Behaviour psychotherapy techniques include all, except

A. Exposure

B. Modelling

C. Response prevention

D. Reinforcement schedules

E. Free association

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10. A psychotherapy technique effective in obsessive ruminations is

A. Exposure

B. Thought stopping

C. Flooding

D. Sensitization

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11. The cognitive triad of depression, negative views of self, the world, and future, was explained by

A. Aron Beck (1967)

B. Frankl (1988)

C. Joseph Wolpe

D. Winnicott

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12. According to cognitive psychotherapy, cognitive phenomena which determine psychopathology are all, except:

A. Automatic thoughts

B. Cognitive distortions

C. Schemata

D. Basic Instincts

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13. 'Socratic questioning' as a tool for therapeutic process is employed in

A. Psychodynamic psychotherapy

B. Logotherapy

C. Behaviour therapy

D. Cognitive psychotherapy

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14. 'Enmeshment, homeostasis, circular causality' are concepts related to

A. System approach to couple therapy

B. Psychodynamic couple therapy

C. Behaviour approach to couple therapy

D. Cognitive behavioural approach to couple therapy

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15. Which is NOT true about psychoanalytic psychotherapy?

A. Insight-oriented

B. Consider disorders as arising from unresolved conflicts

C. Focused on past

D. Emphasize modeling and operant conditioning

E. Long-term duration

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. D 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. A
6. D 7. C 8. A 9. E 10. B
11. A 12. D 13. D 14. A 15. D
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