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Psychiatric nursing Quiz - 3

1. Painful or difficulty in sexual intercourse  is known as ------

A. Hypersexuality

B. Vaginismus

C. Frigidity 

D. Promiscuity

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2. A technique in which producing unpleasant sensation in the patient in association with stimulus is called as -----

A. Aversion

B. Modelling

C. Flooding

D. Abreaction

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3.  The process of rehabilitation is NOT minimizing --------

A. Psychiatric impairment

B. Social disadvantages

C. Adverse personal reactions

D. Acquisition of confidence

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4. Multiple referrals between psychiatrists and other professionals is known as ---

A. Steering 

B. Ping Ponging

C. Ganging  

D. Touting

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5. Voluntary agreement, compliance or permission is called ------

A. Competence

B. Preamble

C. Confidentiality

D. Consent

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6. According to Hildegard Peplau, one of the sub role of a nurse is -----

 A. Priest

B. Academician

C. Builder

D. Mother surrogate

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7. Limbic system consists of  hippocampus and --------

A. Medulla oblongata

B. Cerebellum

C. Cingulate gyrus

D. Corpus collasum

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8. Common side effect of ECT is impairment of ----

A. Judgement 

B. speech

C. Thought

D. Memory

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9. Klinefeler’s syndrome is an chromosomal abnormality affecting:

A. Boys

B. Girls

C. Old age

D. Women

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10. Repeated passing faeces  in inappropriate places after the age of bowel control is called as -----

A. Enuresis

B. Encopresis

C.Hirschsprung’s disease

D. Physical abuse

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. B 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. D
6. D 7.C 8. D 9. A 10. B
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