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Psychiatric nursing Quiz - 2

1. The nature of interpersonal space that is less personal and less dependent means, it is -----

A. Public space

B. Personal space

C. Social consultative space

D. Intimate space 

Answer Key

2. Technique of communication ‘soler’ means ----

A. Restating

B. Active listening

C. Humor

D. Clarification

Answer Key

3. While assessing the motor activity AIMs means-----

A. Annual Income Maintenance

B. Abnormal Intentional Movements

C. Abnormal Inventory of Mind

D. Abnormal Involuntary Movements

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4. Informants of patient’s should be assessed for---

A. Intellectual and observational ability

B. Religion of patient

C. Occupation of informants

D. Marital status of informants

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5. Which term refers to perceptual abnormality------

A. Delusion

B. Attention

C. Hallucination

D. Orientation

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6. Absent of speech and activities termed as -----

A. Autism

B. Mutism

C. Aphasia


Answer Key

7. One of the child psychiatric patient sign is ----

A. Dancing

B. Happyness

C. Body Rocking

D. Smiling

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8. In standard form of modified ECT, short acting muscle relaxant used is ------

A. Pancronium Bromide

B. Succinyl choline

C. Thiopentone

D. Atropine

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9. Systematic desensitization is introduced by -------

A. John Hickley

B. Albert Ellis

C. Wolpe

D. Aaron Beck 

Answer Key

10. Professional Negligence also known as ------

A. Malpractice

B. Euthanasia

C. Maloccurrence

D. Torticollis

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. C 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. C
6. B 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. A
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