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Nursing Theory Quiz - 3

Nursing Theory Quiz - 3

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1. Which of the following nursing theory is based on the general systems framework?

A. Fay Abdellah- Topology of 21 Nursing Problems

B. Virginia Henderson -The Nature of Nursing

C. Hildegard Peplau -Interpersonal Relations Model

D. Imogene King's Theory of Nursing

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2. Concept related to Betty Neuman’s System Model of Nursing is:

A. Pattern

B. Rhythmicity

C. Dependency

D. Open system

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3. According to Roy's Adaptation Model, the adaptive modes includes all the following, EXCEPT:

A. Physiologic Needs

B. Self Concept

C. Role Function

D. Interdependence

E. Achievement

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4. Which theory states " Nursing is a helping profession"?

A. Hildegard Peplau's Interpersonal Theory

B. Abdellah’s 21 Nursing Problems

C. Theory of Goal Attainment

D. Roy's Adaptation Model

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5. Which of the following in NOT a concept related to personal system in Imogene King's Theory?

A. Perception

B. Self

C. Body image

D. Organization

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6. Which nursing theory states that 'nursing is the interpersonal process of action, reaction, interaction and transaction"?

A. Roy's adaptation model

B. Self-care deficit theory

C. Imogene King's theory

D. Roger's unitary human beings

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7. All the following are concepts related to Levin's Conservation Principles, EXCEPT:

A. Historicity

B. Specificity

C. Helicy

D. Redundancy

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8. Which of the following is an organismic response as per Levin's Four Conservation Principles?

A. Flight or fight

B. Adaptation

C. Communication

D. Transaction

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9. When applying Roy's Adaptation Model in caring a patient, the type of stimuli which needs to be assessed as per are all the following, EXCEPT;

A. Focal Stimulus

B. Contextual Stimulus

C. Perceptual Stimulua

D. Residual Stimulus

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10. Who described about 5 levels of nursing experience from novice to expert?

A. Patricia E. Benner

B. Ernestine Wiedenbach

C. Myra Estrine Levine

D. Faye Glenn Abdellah

Answer Key

Answer Key
2. D
3. E
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. C
9. C
10. A
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