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Nursing Research Quiz - 26
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Nursing Research Quiz - 26


1. A statistic calculated in ANOVA:

A. Chi-square

B. Correlation coefficient

C. Eta-squared

D. t-statistic

Answer Key

2. A statistical procedure used to test the significant difference in proportions, used when the sample size is small or cells in the contingency table have no observations:


B. McNemar test

C. Chi-square test

D. Fisher's exact test

Answer Key

3. Friedman's test is:

A. Parametric equivalent test of chi-square test

B. Non-parametric analogue of ANOVA in paired/repeated measures design

C. Non-parametric procedure used to test the differences between three or more independent groups

D. Parametric procedure used when comparing proportions

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4. A correlation coefficient used to indicate the magnitude of a relationship between ordinal-level data:

A. Kendall's tau

B. phi coefficient

C. Wilk's lambda

D. F-ratio

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5. A statistical index describing the magnitude of relationship between two dichotomous variables:

A. p-value

B. eta-squared

C. t-value

D. phi- coefficient

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6. Product-moment correlation coefficient is also known as:

A. Spearman's rho

B. Pearson r=

C. phi coefficient

D. Reliability coefficient

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. C 2. D 3. B 4. A 5. D
6. B        
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