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Nursing Research Quiz - 25
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Nursing Research Quiz - 25

Research Designs

1. Which of the following classification of research designs is based on the dimension of control over independent variables?

A. Structured and flexible

B. Cross-sectional and longitudinal

C. Retrospective and prospective

D. Experimental/quasi experimental and non-experimental

Answer Key

2. A type of longitudinal study in which data are collected from the same people at two or more points in time:

A. Case control study

B. Panel study

C. Prospective study

D. Retrospective study

Answer Key

3. The process in which each participant has an equal and known probability of being assigned to either the control or the experimental group is:

A. Randomization

B. Manipulation

C. Research control


Answer Key

4. The the primary objective of experimental methodology is:

A. Ensure external validity

B. Improve internal validity

C. To eliminate type I error

D. To reduce ethical problems

Answer Key

5. A characteristic features of quasi-experimental design are all, EXCEPT:

A. Experimental and control groups may be nonequivalent

B. Less powerful than true-experimental design

C. Limited confidence in the internal validity of the study

D. Random assignment of units to comparison groups

Answer Key

6. Repeated-measures design is also known as:

A. Crossover design

B. Solomon four-group design

C. Time series design

D. With-in subjects design

Answer Key

7. The process of maneuvering the independent variable so that its effect on the dependent variable can be observed is:

A. Deductive Reasoning

B. Delimitation

C. Manipulation

D. Meta-analysis

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. D 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. D
6. A 7. C      
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