Nursing quiz

Nursing Management quiz- 3

Nursing management Quiz - 3

1. Components of a nursing diagnosis include all, EXCEPT

A. Problem Statement (diagnostic label)

B. Etiology (related factor)

C. Defining Characteristic

D. Outcome statement

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2. The type of nursing diagnosis which is a judgment on client's response to a present health problem

A. Actual Diagnosis=

B. High Risk Nursing Diagnosis

C. Possible Nursing Diagnosis

D. Wellness Diagnosis

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3. As per the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) triage system, green color code refers to

A. Injuries are life-threatening but survivable with minimal intervention.

B. Injuries are significant and require medical care, but can wait hours without threat to life or limb.

C. Injuries are minor and treatment can be delayed hours to days.

D. Injuries are extensive and chances of survival are unlikely even with definitive care.

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4. Nursing may be defined as “the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to health and illness”. This definition of of nursing was given by

A. Nightingale

B. American Nurses Association (ANA, 1995)

C. Henderson

D. World Health Organization (WHO)

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5. Which of the following inventory control method is based on the criteria of rate of consumption of the items?

A. ABC Analysis (Always Better Control)

B. VED Analysis (Vital, Essential, Desirable)

C. HML Analysis (High, Medium, Low)

D. FSN Analysis (Fast, Slow moving and Non-moving)

E. SDE Analysis (Scarce, Difficult, Easy)

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6. The extent of resemblance between the purpose of healthcare and the truly granted care is referred to

A. Standard

B. Audit

C. Quality

D. Outcome

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7. "A clinical judgment about an individual, a family or a community’s responses to actual and potential health problems/life processes" - refers to

A. Nursing Diagnosis

B. Outcome Identification

C. Quality assurance

D. System analysis

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8. Time taken for any project is estimated by

A. Work sampling

B. Input-output analysis

C. Network analysis

D. System analysis

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9. In the critical path method of network analysis, the critical path is the

A. Shortest

B. Longest

C. Cheapest

D. Costliest

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10. Finding the most cost-effective way doing a project:

A. Network analysis

B. System analysis

C. Cost analysis

D. Field analysis

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. D
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. C
7. A
8. C
9. B
10. C
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