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1. "Democracy and Education" (1916) was authored by

A. Sigmond Freud

B. Jean Piaget

C. John Dewey

D. Ravindra Nadh Tagore

Answer Key

2. The type of discussion where a group of 6-8 qualified experts discuss a topic in front of an audience is called:

A. Group discussion

B. Symposium

C. Panel discussion

D. Workshop

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3. Who proposed that education be designed on the basis of a theory of experience?

A. Socrates

B. John Dewey

C. Bertrand Russell

D. Jean Piaget

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4. Which of the following is not a 2-way communication?

A. Lectures

B. Group discussion

C. Panel discussion

D. Symposium

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5. To increase awareness of rural population towards small family norm, the best method is

A. Film show

B. Charts and exhibits

C. Role playing

D. Television

Answer Key

6. Which of the following is Socratic method of teaching?

A. Lecture

B. Film

C. Exhibition

D. Panel discussion

Answer Key

7. When giving health education to a community, the most important step is:

A. Contact doctors

B. Community discussion

C. health education

D. Knowing of local needs

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8. In a education programme, a group of 10 people are speaking on a topic of common interest is called as:

A. Workshop

B. Panel discussion

C. Group discussion

D. Symposium

Answer Key

9. The following statements are true about group discussion, except:

A. It is a two-way communication

B. An effective group is composed for 6-20 people

C. The leader initiates and guides the discussion

D. Each member prepares a topic for speech

Answer Key

10. Which of the following is NOT a feature of mass media education?

A. Deals with local problem of the community

B. Easily understandable

C. Widely approachable

D. Rapid and controlled

Answer Key

1. C
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. D
7. D
8. C
10. A

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