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Neuropsychiatry Quiz - 2

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1. Presence of which of the following features separates delirium from most other psychiatric disorders?

A. Depressed mood

B. Impairment of memory

C. Elevation of mood

D. Impairment of consciousness

Answer Key

2. Korsakoff's psychosis is due to intake of

A. Cannabis

B. Opium

C. Amphetamine

D. Alcohol

Answer Key

3. Korsakoff's psychosis is due to the deficiency of

A. Thiamine

B. Vitamin B12

C. Riboflavin

D. Biotin

Answer Key

4. Korsakoff's psychosis is typically associated with all except

A. Inability to learn new material

B. Bradycardia

C. Confabulation

D. Disorientation of time

Answer Key

5. In Korsakoff's psychosis, the lesion is located in

A. Uncinate body

B. Mamilary body

C. Cingulate gyrus

D. Frontal lobe

Answer Key

6. The following vitamin is used to treat Korsakoff's psychosis

A. Vit A

B. Vit B1

C. Vit B12

D. Pyridoxine

Answer Key

7. Wernicke's encephalopathy may be prevented by

A. IV saline

B. Large amount of IV glucose

D. Thiamine supplement

D. Diazepam

Answer Key

8. In Wernicke's encephalopathy, the symptom which which responds most promptly to treatment is

A. Gait

B. Occular manifestations

C. Dementia

D. Peripheral neuropathy

Answer Key

9. Psychogenic amnesia is characterized by

A. Confabulation

B. Patchy impairment of personal memories

C. Anterograde amnesia

D. Retrograde amnesia

Answer Key

10. All the following are differential diagnosis of senile dementia, except

A. Uraemia

B. Anaemia

C. Decompensated heart disease

D. Pulmonary disease

E. Schizophrenia

Answer Key

11. Treatment of senile dementia includes all the following, except

A. Education of the family

B. Adequate lighting, especially at night

C. Avoidance of social isolation

D. Stimulating associates

D. Electroconvulsive therapy

Answer Key

12. Astasia-Abasia is seen in

A. Alzeihmer's disease

B. Parkinsonism

C. Hysterical conversion disorder

D. Schizophrenia

Answer Key

13. Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with

A. Atonic seizures

B. Simple partial seizures

C. Complex partial seizures

D. Generalised tonic-clonic seizures

Answer Key

14. Which of the following is most epileptogenic?

A. Haemorrahagic stroke

B. Thrombotic stroke

C. Embolic stroke

D. Lacunar infarct

Answer Key

15. Alzeihmer's disease is associated with

A. Chromosome 19

B. Chromosome 21

C, Chromosome 20

D, Chromosome 22


1. D
2. D
3. A
4. B
5. B
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. B
11. E
12. C
13. C
14. D
15. B
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