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Nursing foundations Quiz - 5

1. Which of the following nursing intervention is appropriate when an IV infusion infiltrates?

A. Elevate the site

B. Discontinue the infusion

C. Attempt to flush the tube

D. Apply warm, mosit compress

Answer Key

2. Which of the following condition has an increased risk of for developing hyperkalemia?

A. Crohn's disease

B. Cushing's disease

C. Chronic heart failure

D. End-stage renal disease

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3. Application of force to another person without lawful justification is

A. Battery

B. Negligence

C. Tort

D. Crime

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4. Which nursing intervention is appropriate to prevent pulmonary embolus in a patient who is prescribed bed rest?

A. Limit the client's fluid intake

B. Encourage deep breathing and coughing

C. Use the knee gatch when the client is in bed

D. Teach the patient to move legs in bed

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5. An ABG analysis report shows: pH - 7.20; PCO2 - 35mmHg; HCO3- -20mEq/L. These findings are suggestive of

A. Metabolic acidosis

B. Metabolic alkalosis

C. Respiratory alkalosis

D. Respiratory acidosis

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6. Clor coding for Nitrous oxide cylinder is:

A. Black

B. Blackwith white shoulders

C. French blue

D. Gray

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7. Match the following:

Body mass index
Height (cm)/Cube root of wt. (kg)
Ponderal index
Height (cm) minus 100
Broca index
Weight kg/height 2(m)
Corpulance index
Actual weight/Desirable weight


  a b c d
A. 3 4 2 1
B. 3 2 1 4
C. 3 1 2 4
D. 3 1 4 2

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8. Percentage of bilirubin production from old RBCs is:

A. 20%

B. 80%

C. 100%

D. 40%

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9. Traetment of hypothermia by active core warming is done by all except:

A. Airway rewarming

B. Extracorporeal rewarming

C. Passive external rewarming

D. Both A and B

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10. Which is not seen in hyperventilaton?

A. Seizures

B. Alkalosis

C. Hypocalcemia and hypophosphatemia

D. Hypocalcemia and hyper phosphatemia

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11. In brain death all are seen except:

A. Diabetes incipidus

B. Apnea

C. Constricted pupils

D. Pulse rate unresponsive to atropine

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12. Most accurate, inexpensive, noninvasive test for helicobacter pylori is:

A. Stool antigen test

B. Urea breath test

C. Serology

D. Biosy test

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. B 2. D 3. A 4. D 5. A
6. C 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. D
11. C 12. B      
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