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1. Estimated prevalence of epilepsy is

A. 1 % of the polulation

B. 5 % of the polulation

C. 8 % of the population

D. 10 % of the polulation

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2. Auras are typical of

A. Primary GTCS

B. Absence seizures

C. Myoclonic seizures

D. Partial seizures

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3. Which is a specific investigation of diagnosing seizure disorder?






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4. Myoclonic seizures are charecterised by

A. Focal electrical hyperactivity in the brain

B. Generalized EEG abnormalities with gerks

C. A form of partial seizures

D. Secondary generalized seizures

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5. Which of the following AEDs is available in intravenous preparation?

A. Phenobarbitone

B. Carbamazepine

C. Phenetoin

D. Ethosuximide

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6. Which of the following is the most priority nursing diagnosis in a patient with seizure disorders?

A. Risk for injury related to seizure activity

B. Fear related to the possibility of seizures

C. Ineffective individual coping related to stresses imposed by

D. Deficient knowledge related to epilepsy and its control

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7. Preferred drug in status epilepticus is

A. Carbamazepine

B. Valproate

C. Lorazepam

D. Clonazepam

E. Phenobarbitone

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8. The charecteristic EEG findings in seizure disorders is

A. Alpha rhythm

B. Asynchronous EEg rhythm

C. Slow waves

D. Spikes, sharp waves

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9. Nursing Care During a Seizure include all, except

A. Ease the patient to the floor, if possible.

B. Restrain the patient during the seizure to prevent from falling

C. Protect the head with a pad to prevent injury.

D. Loosen constrictive clothing.

E. If the patient is in bed, remove pillows and raise side rails

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10. Gingival hyperplasia is associated with use of

A. Phenytoin

B. Carbamazepine

C. Topiramate

D. Lamotrigine

E. Ethosuximide

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Answer Key
1. A 2. D 3. E 4. B 5. C
6. A 7. C 8. D 9. B 10. A
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