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Anxiety disorders Quiz

1. Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by

A. Free-floating anxiety

B. Acute exacerbation

C. Restlessness

D. Palpitation and dizziness

E. All of the above

Answer Key

2. Claustrophobia means fear of

A. Open spaces

B. Closed spaces

C. Height

D. Lizards

Answer Key

3. Agoraphobia is characterized by

A. Fear of lifts and heights

B. Association with schizophrenia

C. Often associated with panic attacks

D. Fear of closed spaces

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4. Which of the following may be seen in dissociative disorders?

A. Hallucinations

B. Delusions

C. Amnesia

D. Phobias

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5. Respiratory alkalosis is seen in

A. Depression of respiratory center

B. Hysterical hyperventilation

C. Morphine poisoning

D. Obsessive compulsive disorders

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6. Sudden "loss of memory" or "blackouts" related to painful or humiliating experience is seen in

A. Generalized anxiety disorders

B. Obsessive compulsive disorders

C. Dissociative disorders

D. Bipolar affective disorders

Answer Key

7. La belle indifference may be seen in

A. Dissociative disorders

B. Phobic anxiety disorders

C. Schizophrenia

D. Bipolar affective disorders

Answer Key

8. Which of the following is characteristic of paraplegia seen in dissociative conversion disorder?

A. No Babinski reaction

B. Deep reflexes present or exaggerated

C. No myoclonus

D. Paralysis of proximal muscles greater than peripheral ones

E. All of the above

Answer Key

9. Which of the following may clearly differentiate attacks of pseudoseizures and epileptic seizures?

A. Tongue biting

B. EEG recording

C. Preceding emotional disturbance

D. Leg movements

Answer Key

10. Psychogenic seizures are characterized by all, except

A. Dramatic staging

B. Preceding emotional disturbance

C. Presence of others

D. Frequent injuries

Answer Key

1. E 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. B
6. C 7. A 8. E 9. B 10. D
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