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Anatomy Quiz - I

Anatomy Quiz - I

Musculoskeletal system

1. Acromion process is located on:

A. ilium

B. scapula

C. humerus

D. ulna

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2. Which of the following is NOT a part of mandible?

A. Alveolar process

B. Mental foramen

C. Glabella

D. Mental protuberance

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3. ________________ suture separates the large unpaired frontal bone from the two parietal bones

A. Coronal

B. Sagittal

C. Lambdoid

D. Frontal

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4. Which of the following is NOT a shoulder muscle?

A. Deltoid

B. Supraspinatus

C. Teres minor

D. Pectineus muscle.

E. Subscapularis

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5.The bones that participate in the formation of the anterior cranial fossa are all the following, EXCEPT:

A. sphenoid bone

B. ethmoid bone

C. temporal bone

D. orbital part of the frontal bone

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6. Vertebra prominens, the most prominent spinous process in the cervical region is on:

A. C1

B. C3

C. C5

D. C6

E. C7

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7. Which of the following statement about cervical vertibrae {when comparing with thoracic vertebrae) is FALSE?

A. Cervical vertebrae have smaller bodies.

B. Cervical vertebrae have smaller vertebral foramina.

C. Cervical vertebrae have shorter spinous processes

D. Cervical vertebrae have shorter transverse processes

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8. External occipital protuberance is also called:

A. Nasion

B. Acromion

C. Inion

D. Dens

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9. Which of the following is NOT a superficial muscle of the back?

A. trapezius

B. latissimus dorsi

C. rhomboid major

D. rhomboid minor

E. vastus lateralis

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10. Coracoid process is on:

A. humerus

B. scapula

C. femur

D. pelvic girdle

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Answer Key
2. C
4. D
5. C
6. E
10. B

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