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Nursing Research Quiz - 23
This page was last updated on June 29, 2012

1. "Cardiac patients who receive support from former patients have less anxiety and higher self-efficacy than other patients". This statement is an example of:

A. Directional hypothesis=

B. Non-directional hypothesis

C. Statistical hypothesis

D. Null hypothesis

Answer Key

2. What is TRUE about research hypothesis?

A. States there is no relationship between the variables.

B. Statement about the expected relationship of the variables.=

C. States a negative relationship between the variables

D. Research hypothesis should always be directional.

Answer Key

3. Hypothesis testing is sometimes called:

A. Exploratory data analysis

B. Power analysis

C. Deductive Reasoning

D. Confirmatory data analysis =

Answer Key

4. The test's probability of correctly rejecting the null hypothesis is stated by:

A. Significance level of a test (α)

B. Effect Size

C. Power of a test (1 − β)

D. z = (xbar - µ) / (σ / √n)

Answer Key

5. Type I error refers to:

A. Rejecting H0 when it is actually true=

B. Accepting H0 when it is actually false

C. Concluding no difference when one does exist

D. Rejecting research hypothesis when H0 is actually false

Answer Key

6. Which statement is FALSE?

A. H0 and H1 are mutually exclusive

B. Two-tailed tests are more conservative.

C. Probability that the test will lead to a Type I error is Alpha-level

D. Hypothesis is formulated in experimental research.

E. Probability of falsely rejecting the true null hypothesis (type II error / alpha error)

Answer Key

7. When considering levels of significance, critical value of z corresponding to the alpha level of .05 is:

A. .001

B. 1.96

C. 2.58

D. 3.29

Answer Key

Answer Key copyright@ currentnursing.com

1. A 2. B 3. D 4. C 5. A
6. E 7. B      


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