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Psychiatric Nursing Quiz

Psychopharmacology -3
This page was last updated on August 2, 2011

1. The usual dose range of trifluperazine is:

A. 100-1000 mg/day
B. 10-30 mg/day
C. 2-8 mg/day
D. 80-160 mg/day

Answer Key

2. Depot preparation for which of the following drugs is not available:

A. Haloperidol
B. Fluphenazine
C. Flupenthixol
D. Pimozide

Answer Key

3. Which is not an anticholinegic:

A. Trihexiphenidyl
B. Procyclidine
C. Buspirone
D. Benztropine

Answer Key

4. Fluoxamine belong to which class of drug:


Answer Key

5. A psychotropic drug commonly used in Tourette disorder is:

A. Haloperidol
B. Phenelzine
C. L-tryptophan
D. Mianserin

Answer Key

6. The reference TCA, against which new antidepressants are tested in clinical trials is:

A. Clomipramine
B. Amoxapine
C. Imipramine
D. Dothiepin

Answer Key

7. The commonly used TCA in obsessive compulsive disorder is:

A. Amitryplyline
B. Clomipramine
C. Nortryptyline
D. Dothiepin

Answer Key

8. Which drug in the SSRI group of antidepressant has a half-life of 2-4 days:

A. Paroxetine
B. Escitalopram
C. Sertraline
D. Fluoxetine

Answer Key

9. Varenicline is a:

A. Atypical antipsychotic
B. Nicotine receptor antagonist for nicotine dependence
C. Antidepressant
D. Hypnotic without hangover effect

Answer Key

10. A drug which is postulated to be an inhibitor of dopamine-β-hydroxylase, which catalyzes the conversion of dopamine into norepinephrine,leads to an increase in brain dopamine levels:

A. Disulfiram
B. Phenelezine
C. Aripiprazole
D. Desipramine

Answer Key

11. Who first proposed that lithium has antimanic properties?

A. John Cade
B. Delay and Denikar
C. Eagaz Moniz
D. Hippocrates

Answer Key

12. Which of the following term refers to the way the body handles the drug?

A. Pharmacodynamics
B. Pharmacoceutics
C. Pharmacokinetics
D. Pharmacotherapeutics

Answer Key

13. Rivastigmine belongs to

A. Inorganic ions
C. Butyrophenones
D. Stimulants
E. Cholinesterase Inhibitors

Answer Key

14. Which of the following statements about benzodiazepines is WRONG?

A. BDZs suppress REM sleep
B. BDZs prolongs REM sleep
C. BDZs interact strongly with alcohol to produce CNS depression
D. BDZs raise the ECT seizure threshold

Answer Key

15. The most important adverse effect of Zopiclone is:

A. Dependence
B. Bitter taste
C. Convulsion
E. Sedation

Answer Key

1. B
2. D
3. C
6. C
7. B
9. B
10. A
11. A


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